Lucy Dreaming. I Love Her

Coming in 2022, after a successful Kickstarter, Lucy Dreaming is a point and click free to play as a demo on PC - both Steam and

I must be dreaming as a point and click adventure heavily inspired by the LucasArts game of old, mixed with the humour of Blackadder and Monty Python may mean someone has hacked the Desire Department in my brain. Lucy Dreaming is the name, and here is the game.

Available now as a demo on Steam and, the aim is to have this adventure run a Kickstarter campaign in May, so now’s the chance to sample the goods before backing, but based on the deets, this seems like a no-brainer for fellow adventurers.

Surprisingly, you play the Lucy of the title as you dive deep into her dreams and unearth some truths in her nightmares. A point and click that is ‘unashamedly traditional but with all the modern bells and whistles’, Lucy Dreaming is one to watch. Even better: play.

Lucy Dreaming - Rushdie
Rushdie joke. Source: PR

From Tall Story Games, a husband and wife team, this is their third array into adventure games, this being their fully-fledged title. They bring all the right bottles to the party, as Tom (that’s the husband), grew up on the same LucasArts diet as the rest of us. 

The game is bit like Inception, but with more warm milk, badgers, and experimental groin surgery. It’s a unique pitch but the feedback we’re getting online is great, players are really engaging with the theme and with our hero, Lucy.

Emma Hardwidge (that’s the wife)

Here’s the video link from the official website:

The bad news, though that depends on your perspective, Lucy Dreaming isn’t likely to hit shelves until 2022. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the hour or so demo now and wishlist, but more importantly, back in May when it goes on Kickstarter.