Luckslinger: Fame And Fortune For Hip Hop Cowboys

A bounty hunter in the Wild West with a penchant for hip-hop and stealing luck, Luckslinger out next month on consoles.

Since watching the trailer, I’ve meant to post the news on Luckslinger – there’s simply nothing like it. Sure, there are novelty cowboy games of fetching cakes or set in spaghetti westerns, but can they pull off an ollie?

From 2Awesome Studio (Rainswept and Lost Wing), Luckslinger isn’t just a catchy title, but an act you’ll be performing as you steal the luck of your enemies to use as your own. This means evading bullets, receiving better loot and being able to tag the town.

Wait – tag as in graffiti? Like Samurai Champloo, this game fuses historical accuracies with inaccuracies as the hero has a penchant for ‘vinyl digging, graffiti spraying, rhyming, and the slow jazzy drum samples of hip hop culture and sound’. But just because you didn’t see it on The History Channel, don’t me Luckslinger ain’t true, pardner.

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Luckslinger - Sunset
Out of the sunset. Source: PR

The plot involves helping the folk of Clovercreek retrieve their precious luck charms. As a bounty hunter, they won’t just reward you in kind but with gold too. Luckslinger also boasts a duck companion that retrieves your throwing knife and causes distractions. Lucky.

Key features in the game include:

  • Levels with different themes, unique elements and crazy boss characters.
  • A completely unique luck mechanic that keeps the gameplay dynamic.
  • Intense gun and knife throwing gameplay that will keep you on your toes.
  • Music to pleasure your eardrums that fit the hip hoppy atmosphere of the game.
  • A duck companion who’s always by your side.
  • One-on-one pistol quick-draw duels.
  • Converse with the nice townsfolk of Clovercreek.
  • Hidden goldbars for the extra challenge.
  • Bonus hip-hop tracks by various artists.
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Here’s the trailer:

Luckslinger is out next month on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

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