Get Lost! Explore A Gargantuan Labyrinth In The Tower On The Borderland

If only Lovecraft could bathe in gaming royalties right now - he'd love to hear about upcoming The Tower on the Borderland...

The Tower on the Borderland is another Lovecraftian horror to contend with – fighting all manners of nasties while trying to find your way through an enormous labyrinth of PlayStation One-like glory. Oh, and it’s heading to Steam.

This current resurgence of survival horrors/retro 90s fixed-camera titles are more than welcome to come around my house, put their feet up and have a cup of tea. We’ve had the excellent Plastomorphosis, the upcoming Crow Country, and now DascuMaru’s game.

In The Tower on the Borderland, you play as Erin, a special ops soldier trapped in an otherworldly domain. This place is populated with grotesque insects, ghouls, and your former ‘now demonic’ squadmates. You have to navigate this maze in the hope that you might join forces with a mysterious stranger along the way.

Key features include:

  • PSX-inspired visual style – Gritty, low-fi textures and ambience, just like you remember them on the original PlayStation
  • Classic horror gameplay – Manage your resources and carefully consider when to fight or when to flee, your survival depends on your smart decision-making.
  • Load up! – Slowly gather more powerful weaponry and equipment to even the odds.
  • Check in with your squad – Use your radio to map out the Tower and make contact with your former squad mates.

Does this indie tickle your fancy? The Tower on the Borderland release date on Steam is the 20th of May 2024, and there’s a playable demo for impatient (all) gamers.