Love 3 Preview: Speedrunning A Demo And Write-Up

A same day turnaround. After posting the news, I downloaded the new Love 3 demo and thus wrote about it here. Download and play it for yourself on Steam.
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How’s about this for a quick turnaround: the Love 3 demo is a little sadistic but fun. Only a few hours ago, I put up the news piece, but after downloading it, I managed to finish in approximately 20 minutes of back and forth at my desk.

Is it any good? Yeah, it’s good fun. Five levels are only a taster, hence that’s why I managed to finish it relatively quickly, but there will be some hardcore players that can do it in a couple of minutes.

Love 3 Preview

There is a story to the game, but it’s just to showcase the gameplay and what to expect in the demo. It would be nice to think that these stages are an example of how hard it gets as it gives me hope that I’d finish it.

Love 3 playable demo on Steam
Source: Steam

The difficulty is just enough to test you and tickle your rage gland thinking you’ll bail, but get past that ‘one bit’, and perseverance prevails. Right: gameplay.

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Love 3 is simple: get your little bloke, fiveEIGHT to safety. The game is the final part of a trilogy by developer Fred Wood, a.k.a. Mokuzai Studio. If the earlier games are anything like this, they may have to be added to the to-do pile.

fiveEIGHT is a simple stick figure. They jump, and that’s about it. Unlike other platform titles, you get to set the checkpoints at any time you want. The only restriction is it must be on solid ground – respawning in the air won’t help you.


So, each time you get past a tricky bit, you can create a checkpoint. You only have one to hand, and if you cock up the placement, it’s easy to reset it back to the beginning. Are you quite mad?! As a result, you can also kill yourself a la Lemmings and return to the last checkpoint you created.

Love 3 - Demoing some precise moves
Demoing some precise moves. Source: Steam

Besides that, Love 3 has a slow-motion option. Initially, this feels like an excellent way to fine-tune things as if you were Michael Bay, but without the cars, but essential to use by the time you get to the fourth level. There are these triangles that project you into the air, straight into instant death. It took me a couple of minutes, but so satisfying once achieved.

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For simple graphics, the levels all feel very different, with a multitude of threats and techniques to reiterate that this is a precision platformer and timing is everything. There are even underwater sections and flying devices that work like Super Mario – double-tapping to keep momentum without bailing out into the ceiling or electrified floor.

You know what? It took me next to no time to download this and even less time to write about it. Do yourself a favour and the developer some service by downloading it now (on Steam) and seeing for yourself. 

And to really add to the challenge, if five levels sound like a pushover, there are four settings: Unlimited Mode, Hard Mode, Time Attack Mode and YOLO Mode. Shyeah, like I’ll even entertain that last one…

If you share this, I'll love you forever (ish)