Lonely Mountains Downhill Switch release date

The best thing about mountain biking is the activity itself, the second is playing a videogame equivalent, but there isn’t much available until now: a Lonely Mountains Downhill Switch release.

As a keen mountain biker back in my prime, this is a sport that is frequently overlooked. 

Other than the Tour de France and perhaps Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, there hasn’t been much demand, apparently, for the sport. 

Thankfully Megagon Industries and Thunderful Publishing said forget that, let’s put outa  Lonely Mountains Downhill Switch game.

If you’ve ever been interested in mountain biking (that doesn’t boil down to ownership and bouncing off of kerbs), you’ll know that downhill is an adrenaline junkie’s wet dream.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Switch- Wheelie good
The grass is greener on the other side – you just have to get there first. Source: PR

Just take a look at some of the Red Bull events to get an idea.

Downhill was never my thing, but that’s down to my cowardice more than anything, so that can be countered with Lonely Mountains Downhill.

In the game you can either be fast and reckless or slow and careful – the latter is interesting as it’s not a style usually seen in the sport.

Unlock new trails and mountains in Lonely Mountains Downhill and even a leaderboard (but don’t expect any records if you adopt the Father Time approach of braking every five minutes).

There are also hidden areas to explore, and as a touring and single track enthusiast, this appeals to slowpokes like me.

What can you expect to see in Lonely Mountains Downhill other than mountain bikes and gorgeous scenery?

  • Sixteen trails to master.
  • Four different mountains.
  • Five additional bikes to choose from.
  • Customisable bikes to suit your personality.
  • Day and night mode.
  • An online leaderboard.
  • Compete with other riders in Free Ride mode.

For a further peek, have a looksie at the trailer below:

Lonely Mountains Downhill arrives on the Switch on the 7th of May, and you can be sure it’ll be covered here.

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