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Caveman. Source: PR

Lonely Mountains Downhill is a contender for GOTY for me, so pleased to see that the Eldfjall Island DLC is out today for the PS4 after coming out on the Switch first.

If you haven’t played this yet, I highly recommend that you do – especially if you are a fellow bike fan. Never have I played a game that is so physically demanding, but tranquil at the same time. It’s easily one of my favourite Switch games.

In the Eldfjall Island DLC from Megagon Industries and Thunderful Publishing, players will be able to downhill on the volcanic microclimate of Eldfjall Island (that’s in Iceland, geography dweebs), featuring new challenged over four trails.

Lonely Mountains Downhill DLC
Source: PR

As with the base game, there are new outfits, paint jobs and accessories for the ultimate downhill experience. Also, there are new weather and environmental effects along this active volcano.

Thanks for your patience PlayStation players, we are extremely happy to reveal that, yes, Eldfjall Island is available…now! We hope you all enjoy some seriously gnarly cycling as you battle the elements in the sublime and scenic beauty of this volcanic microclimate.

Jan Bubenik, developer at Megagon Industries.

Key features in Lonely Mountains Downhill Eldfjall Island DLC include:

  • Four new trails with new challenges and beautiful resting spots.
  • New special effects: Ride through a thunderstorm and navigate alongside an erupting volcano.
  • Unique unlockable outfits, helmets, and paint jobs that will satisfy your inner Viking!
  • A new pro helmet to add to your existing outfit collection.
  • New cosmetic accessories in the form of unlockable backpacks.
  • Regional and global leaderboards for you to stake your claim as the champion of Eldfjall!

Fancy seeing the trailer?

You can get the Eldfjall Island DLC for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, and now for the PS4 at for $5.99 / €5.99 / £5.49. 

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