Let’s make it clear with this Eldfjall Island DLC review that I’m neither a relative nor employee of Megagon Industries or Thunderful Publishing – let alone affiliated with any other game-related business, but I love Lonely Mountains Downhill. I want you to know that before reading this, perhaps, biased review.

Available on several platforms, I first experienced the game on the Switch earlier this year. As a former wannabee mountain biker and lover of all things Zen, this game really hit a chord with me from the outset.

Low poly graphics, zero soundtrack and void of any narrative, there were massive alarm bells as they’re all factors that are the opposite of what I look for in a game. In reality, I’m not fussed about graphics, but still.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Eldfjall Island DLC Review

Playing Eldfjall Island DLC brought back all the memories of the first time I played the base game. The beauty of nature explored through the blistering speeds of downhill mountain biking. It is a paradox having such peaceful surroundings while rapidly soiling your pants.

Getting on the bike one more time is exactly as the saying goes ‘you never forget how to ride a bike’. While this rings true and the bike handles as perfectly as before, the sheer speed at which you steam down a hill only to explode in a burst of pixel confetti and your ragdoll body forever disfigured is exhilarating.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Eldfjall Island DLC - Jordan
Jordan, Mike. Source: PR

For someone who loves the title so much, I sure as hell suck arse and hit the dirt more times than I care to admit, but thankfully, there’s the instant respawn button (on rapid-fire), so you can perfect your lines and get the best times. Well, that’s the theory.

Descending the volcanic terrain as the preliminary ‘get used to the stage’ was as informative as the previous tracks. There’s no right way to descend, other than staying on your bike, and finding shortcuts is as enjoyable as ever. While Eldfjall Island DLC isn’t precisely a sandbox, you do have a good command of the path you take, though the finish line is universal.

Tracked Progress

It’s not just the location that’s new as you can experience four new terrains (and their associated shortcuts – and perhaps some not deemed shortcuts, but worth experimenting with), there are new terrains as well as weather effects.

Eldfjall Island DLC makes a crossover almost with its lava-themed locations that look like they wouldn’t go amiss in Minecraft. Then again, Lonely Mountains Downhill is such a gorgeous, understated aesthetic, making use of the numerous focus techniques as part of the experience and not just a trick.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Eldfjall Island DLC - Weather
Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you. Source: PR

Regarding this heading, there’s also an update included in the game called Daily Rides – a new feature that changes daily with new routes to take and obstacles, complemented by online leaderboards once more. Curse you, elite riders and your black magic-like results.

Additionally, there are new paint jobs and gear exclusive to the DLC. Once again, these are pretty elusive on my part as you have to complete some objectives to earn the currency to unlock. Alas, it’s like looking window shopping in Hatton Garden: look, but don’t touch. You haven’t earned it.

As this Eldfjall Island DLC is precisely that: additional content, I’m going to wind it down without waffling any more and say that if you’re as much as a fan of Lonely Mountains Downhill as me, don’t hesitate to add this to your collection. Though only one location, the additional trails and multiple paths make this a worthwhile purchase – especially at the price too.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill Eldfjall Island DLC


It's a no-brainer for me, and it's almost as if the score was fate, but I had to play it first - it's not a given. That said, the variety that Eldfjall Island DLC offers was great, and it was more enjoyable as I managed to play with a friend around the same time as getting this for review. In summary: must-have DLC.

  • Beautiful location with some fiendish drops.
  • New gear to unlock.
  • Additional mode for the base game.
  • Still bloody hard.

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