Little Friends: Puppy Island Switch Review

How much is that puppy on the island? Free! Well, you have to pay for the Switch version, but is Little Friends: Puppy Island worth it?

Dad of the Year goes to… me! That’s right, I took on Little Friends: Puppy Island so that my little girl could play it, then took the bullet and played it for myself so I could compile this sumptuous collection of words to describe it.

Out now on the Nintendo Switch, which was the review code I received, this cute lil’ sandboxy thingy from Big Blue Bubble and Fireshine Games is all about going on an adventure with your new best friends, exploring the island, dressing them up, and just having a blast with man’s (and everyone else’s) best friend.

This won’t come as a shock, but I didn’t play this to death, but so far, my little ‘un has. You’ll arrive at Little Friends: Puppy Island and receive your first pup to take care of. Much like Nintendogs, and the more recent Animal Shelter, you pay attention to each animal’s stats and ensure they’re content (as are you).

Little Friends: Puppy Island Switch Review - Royalty
Royalty. Source: PR

Little Friends: Puppy Island Review (Switch)

First impressions weren’t mindblowing for me as you’re presented with a little arena to throw toys, pet, and make a general fuss of the dog. These things can get a bit moreish, such as the recent Wobbledogs, but nothing really stands out until you explore the island and take the dog for a walk.

Any dog lover will fall in love with these sections. It’s not simply about wandering for the sake of it but interacting with your pup in all sorts of ways without worrying about them sniffing another dog’s bits ‘n pieces or leaving a runny mess on the pash that’s like picking up soup. We’ve all been there.

Instead, the focus is on family fun and adding as many of the puppies to your collection. More importantly, Little Friends: Puppy Island is perfect for customisation fans. When asking my daughter what her favourite thing is about the game, she said dressing them up. After a shockingly short amount of time, she’d already unlocked four dogs and a wealth of accessories, giggling at how cute they looked.

Little Friends: Puppy Island Switch Review - Custom puppy
Custom pup. Source: PR

It’s A Dog’s Life

I’m not too fussed about Little Friends: Puppy Island. I think it’s perfectly fine for the type of game it aims to be – stress-free, adventurous, and full of customisations, but there’s not much in the way of a challenge, and if you don’t like dogs, well… what are you even doing here.

However… I must stress that despite being a dog lover and much preferring to take one of these for a walk than my own mental German Shepherd, I’m not the target audience. Arguably, my daughter’s age group (6) is the ideal audience – but don’t let that stop you if you’re much older, a man, or identify as a fishing rod. If you like the look of it, check it out. Perhaps seek out the Steam demo if you have a ‘puter.


While Little Friends: Puppy Island isn’t a game I’d seek out, my daughter would and has endorsed this title. Though a score is entirely subjective, I still asked her what she’d give it out of ten. Her response was ten, and at the end of the day, this is her type of game, so she’s not wrong. Apparently, it’s second to her favourite game, Miitopia. Go figure.