Get A Life, Get Life By You Early Access Next Month On PC

Be the architect of life in Life by You - an Early Access life sim coming to PC next month where you can customise practically anything in this open world!

Are you finding life isn’t going your way? Join the club! No, not that one of self-pity, but the Life by You – a life sim from Paradox Interactive that is hitting the Early Access shelf next month.

In this open world slice of life, you can customise everything from your character’s stories to modding their possessions from their homes to their modes of transport, and with the power to develop ‘deep personality and character traits’.

We’ve created a sandbox where players can tell whatever story they want. From deeply personal, esoteric, or fan fiction, they can live life to the fullest – or break the rules as they see fit!

Rod Humble, general manager of Paradox Tectonic

Key features include:

  • Tell rich stories: This world is your sandbox. Create your humans, or play anyone within it—swap control at any time with any character you encounter. You can climb a career ladder, choose to be a misfit, fall in love as often as you change your clothes, or explore your sexuality. Tell stories that are important to you.  
  • Explore and discover an open world: Drive, bike, scoot, or walk to get around the world. Along the way, collect seashells, wildflowers, and gems. Strike up real-language conversations with any human in-games.  
  • Empower creativity with deep creative tools: Use extensive Creator and Editor Tools to change the gameplay anytime. Tailor build a world to play in or share your creations on the Paradox Mods.  
  • Build and fully customize humans and environments: Design a dream home from scratch or renovate existing buildings. Customize your human with a fully featured character creator, including deep personality and character traits. 

Here’s a modelling trailer:

Life by You will be available in Early Access for Steam and Epic Games Store from the 4th of June 2024.