Legends of Kingdom Rush Tips

You're just getting used to the new style of play and realise you're struggling a bit. Here are some Legends of Kingdom Rush to help you out/give you hope that sticking it out will pay off.

After a lengthy covid experience (only a couple of weeks), I’ve been taking it easy of late, only really playing Far Cry 6, some indies I’ll write about soon, and Legends of Kingdom Rush.

I’ve put a fair amount of time into the game, so thought I’d share some Legends of Kingdom Rush tips with you. They aren’t foolproof, nor will they guarantee success, but they might give you a little push so you can beat a boss or unlock a character.

There are 80+ achievements at the time of writing, which I haven’t unlocked, nor will I cover here. These Legends of Kingdom Rush tips are a little booster to help you get started and know where to start.

Quick Tips

  • Be prepared to grind the first world a few times to unlock your companion’s skills. Each companion can level up to three, so it doesn’t take too long. The further you get, the more XP you’ll receive, so do the first world and beat the first boss, and you’ll unlock all the tiers. 
  • It’s worth noting that some skills are down to the individual as some of the skills in level three aren’t worth it, and I’d never use them in my playthroughs, but perhaps you will? You can always visit the party option and hover over the skills before you unlock them to get an idea.
  • Balance out your party with melee, ranged and magic. As you can only choose three players, stick with Gerald, ranger/arcane wizard and the dark knight to begin with, as they’re a good setup. The witch doctor is the best for healing, the knight for boosting armour, and the sorcerer is great at removing armour from enemies.
  • You can only carry so much in your inventory, so if you need to drop anything, get rid of items like ropes or pickaxes. While they can help avoid a dice roll, you want to free up space for buffs and healing items.
  • … but keep your energy potions! I used to drop these all the time, but when your character is exhausted (purple legend on their avatar), they’ll only have one action point. This means they can only move or attack – pending an enemy is next to them. Even when resting in your tent, you can acquire exhaustion, so keep them handy.
  • Also, don’t immediately heal your party if one health point has been depleted. As long as you aren’t heading into battle, moving across nodes will restore health and save on the potions.
  • Sell your tents! Tents are helpful, but if you have the option to sell for 100 gold, do it. Make sure you keep an eye on the pathway to a vendor and spend your money there, as there’s a chance you can increase your armour or attack power – the latter is a game-changer.
  • Pay attention to your environment as explosive items can cause debuffs like burning, bleeding and poisoning. This can be a great help with trolls as they have a regeneration skill, making killing them easier. 
  • Click around the work maps for Easter eggs/achievements!

Boss Tips

The Legends of Kingdom Rush bosses can be quite a pain in the arse as they often summon lesser enemies that take the focus off them. Ideally, always target the boss for a quick win, but sometimes you might have to jump through a few hoops to stay alive.

Legends of Kingdom Rush Tips - Helpful
Helpful. Source: Screen capture


First, take out the archers, followed by the shamen/witch doctor to prevent them from healing. After a round or two, Krum’thak will unleash his thunderbolt attack where the floor will highlight, indicating where it will strike.

He’ll almost always target your characters; it’s not randomly generated, so move them out of harm before attacking anyone else. If you have a knockback attack, you can push enemies onto the tiles, so they are struck. Note that the boss is unharmed by this skill.

After the orcs are dead, the cultists will arrive. They can be killed with one hit. Take out the sorcerers as they have a good range, plus they will morph into an abomination that is pretty tough. The smaller cultists will turn into a tentacle and are pretty harmless. As mentioned before, if you target Krum’thak from the get-go and avoid the thunderbolts, it’s quite an easy boss.

Mountain Boss

In the first phase, you can’t harm the boss directly. The only way to beat them is to make sure that when they spawn the red crystal – destroy all of them except the one closest to them horizontally. Once the round is over, the crystal will take off their health. Complete this three times to beat the first phase. 

Meanwhile, it’s best to destroy two of the crystals, then take out the cultists on the right (before they morph), the smaller trolls, and then perhaps avoid the larger trolls. If you destroy all the crystals in the round, when the cultists go to charge it up, they’ll target one of your characters instead.

In the second phase, you can attack the boss and do a lot of damage, but they’ll heal from the green crystals. More trolls will spawn, so take out a minimum of two crystals, then concentrate your attacks on the boss. If you can hold out long enough, the sorcerer will arrive, and you can summon a rock monster to support you.

Irzia and the Overseer

I don’t have a strategy here as the first (and only time) I got to the boss, I aced it without losing a character(!). I can only suggest staying in the centre of the stage as tentacles will attack from the left and right. 

Some explosive enemies will also spawn, so try to keep away from them and concentrate your attacks on the boss. There are three stages to this from memory. The team I used to beat her was Asra, the hunter and the knight. My random character was the orc cleaver, which has a great counter that keeps you in. With the knight, cast hold the line to boost everyone’s armour, pending they’re in range.

Legends of Kingdom Rush Tips - Portal
Portal. Source: Screen capture


There are three bosses to fight here. One is melee, the other induces sleep, and… well, I can’t remember the other one as it’s pretty hectic. You’ll need to target the same boss and get their health down. Once they’re down to one bar, they’ll be shielded by the others, so target the next and repeat. Once you beat the third, they’ll disappear, but upon death, the others will summon trees (which respawn), summoners, and the enemies that were sleeping will awaken.

A red tree will attack anything close to it, so try to stand behind it and within range of the healing thingy. Enemies can also heal from these hexes. You’ll only need to move when you see one of the bosses light up the adjacent tiles with a pink outline or when the melee boss is next to you. They’ll disappear, then do multiple attacks. Best stay back.

My recommended team here is Reg’son as he’ll heal for every kill and can cover a good range, the ranger to poison the bosses, and either the knight to take the hits and buff armour, or the orc cleaver as they’ll counter any attacks. If you have the choice to recruit someone from a tavern, I’d suggest the zapper or witch doctor, as you’ll want to stay on the healing tiles and shoot from a distance. Beware, these two have low health…

Party Members and How To Unlock

Of course, you can hover over the thumbnails and achievements list to work all this out, but here’s a quick list of each character and how they unlock.


  • Gerald – Unlocked from the start
  • Asra – Get to Krum’thak’s arena
  • Oloch – Get to the mountain boss
  • Bruxa – Kill 100 enemies
  • Reg’son – Defeat Iriza and the Overseer
  • Bravebark – Explore 100 nodes


  • Ranger – Unlocked from the start
  • Arcane wizard – Unlocked from the start
  • Knight – Explore five forest nodes
  • Bombardier – Use 10 items during challenges
  • Barbarian – ensure that at least one barbarian survives
  • Dark knight – Beat the dark night in the first world without any casualties
  • Orc cleaver – Defeat Krum’thak without any casualties
  • Witch doctor – Win an encounter with one unit and only one health point (tricky!)
  • Sasquatch – Destroy the ice around an ally ten times (other than regeneration, he’s rubbish!)
  • Zapper – Damage 25 enemies with props (fireworks, fire urns, poisonous mushrooms, etc)
  • Sorcerer – Successfully defend Argaleham in world two
  • Sylvan Elf – Beat the boss Mor-Ga-Nok in world four

To get a teaser play with some of these characters, you can have a go on the Arena mode as you can play heroes such as Reg’son and sylvan elf from the get-go. The party is random, so you may need to play a couple of times.

Legend of Kingdom Rush Tips - Roster
Roster. Source: Steam

It’s also worth noting that having a variety of classes in your party gives you a better chance in the dice encounters. If you have two ranged characters, you might have two die, but if you don’t have the tools or the right class, you might end up with a debuff.

What Is The Best Party In Legends Of Kingdom Rush?

With six heroes to choose from and twelve supporting characters, who makes up the best party in Legends of Kingdom Rush? It’s personal preference, but having beaten the game after a fair amount of time spent rinsing and repeating, my recommendation has to be the following:

Hero: Asra or Reg’Son

Companionsmelee – orc cleaver or knight, ranged: ranger or zapper

When levelling up, Asra’s onyx arrows can often take out an enemy (pending they’re close range), but at the very least, causes rooted. Reg’son seems to be relatively weak, but his attacks allow him to claim back some health. Besides, he can move three spaces by default, and the vicious lunge attack means he can clear the distance between enemies.

The orc cleaver is a hard hitter, and one of their traits includes the counter-attack. It’s pretty foolish to go up against him as a counter-attack, plus his brutal cleave can usually finish an enemy in one go. I’d recommend using his party stance in tier two as damage reduction is applied for three turns.

The knight is the equivalent of the classic blocker from the Kingdom Rush tower defence games. Put the knight out front and have your ranged attackers behind her, and you’re often protected. Her hold the line is an excellent skill to use. Not only does it boost her armour, but any ally within a one hex radius. Either her charge (apply bleed and dash across the screen) or shieldarang (tosses the shield three hexes away) are great for when you need to make ground.

Legends of Kingdom Rush Tips - Winners
Winners. Source: Screen capture

Going into a battle without the ranger often meant my downfall. They are my favourite supporting character as they can inflict poison damage (which also applies rooted when in epic mode), hit multiple targets or cause bleeding with tier three. Still, even better, they can freely move after shooting, meaning you can keep them a fair distance from enemies.

Zappers are notoriously weak, but they cause universal damage to all the enemies in the game, in my opinion, and their thunderstrike attack has a range of four. It can either hit an enemy twice or the two different units to balance it out. Just keep back from enemies; they can often one-hit kill you.

Do you have any Legends of Kingdom Rush tips you want to share? Hit me up on the contact form, and I’ll happily add them if they’re any good. Put a link to your social media profile, so you get the credit!

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