League Of Enthusiastic Losers Has Heart

Help Vitya and Volodya as they embark on a treasure hunt to find their rent in League of Enthusiastic Losers - a charming true story for the Switch and Xbox.

The League of Enthusiastic Losers is a story about friendship and finding your true self, and it’s coming to the Switch and Xbox, courtesy of RedDeer Games.

Set in the 90s and on the streets of former USSR Moscow, you play two best friends – Vitya and Volodya – as they embark on an adventure to locate some treasure that’ll help them pay their rent.

According to the info here, League of Enthusiastic Losers is a real-life story, a bittersweet one, where you decide on the fate of its protagonists. Key features include:

  • An adventure about the power of friendship and overcoming obstacles in life
  • 90’s atmosphere with the location of the story in the former USSR Moscow
  • Stories of the residents who lived on housing estates of concrete blocks
  • Many nostalgic references to Eastern European culture of the 90s
  • Stylized graphics and atmospheric soundtrack

And here’s the trailer:

League of Enthusiastic Losers is set for release on the 23rd of September for the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One.