Land Of Screens Takes A Break From The Social Scene

Take a break from the socials with Holland as she discovers actual reality in point and click, Land of Screens. Out now on Steam and Switch.

Hello, friends. It’s another week and another news post on a point and click, this time Land of Screens. You should have got the notification over the weekend that the game’s out now, but if you have no idea what it is, let me entertain you.

I just danced. Now some more words.

Land of Screens, from Way Down Deep and Serenity Forge, is a point and click adventure that follows its protagonist Holland (from Half Past Fate – cute game), as she vows to take a break from all sorts of screens after a break up.

Without the shackles of social media, Holland finds that a whole world awaits but needs your guidance to point, click and direct her to the things in life that are free (no, not burglary).

Here’s a trailer:

Land of Screens is out now on Steam, but also the Nintendo Switch and it’s super cheap at the time of writing. The steam link is below.