It’ll Be A White Christmas This Year In Lake: Season’s Greetings

Lake: Season's Greetings release date is the 15th of November. Time for an early Christmas present? I think so.

Yes! Lake: Seasons’s Greetings is coming next month – a prequel to the excellent Lake by Gamious and Whitethorn Games and starring one of the most likeable protagonists in gaming, Meredith Weiss.

This time, we play as her daddy-o, Thomas. It’s 1985, it’s Chrimbo, and people want their parcels. Players can revisit familiar faces, along with five new characters new to the snow-covered Providence Oaks.

Key features in Lake: Season’s Greetings include:

  • Travel back to 1985 and discover what Providence Oaks was like before Meredith through the eyes of her father during the winter holiday.
  • Enjoy a variety of after-work activities that include hanging with friends, staying in for a night of television, and going out like it’s 1985.
  • Experience a branching story that doesn’t shy away from slice-of-life themes. Like life, there are no right or wrong answers.

Here’s the most recent trailer:

Lake is currently available on PC, PlayStation and the Xboxes. You can read the review for the base game here or unlock 100% achievements in this guide

As for Lake: Season’s Greetings, that’ll be out for the same platforms from the 15th of November, 2023.