Uncover The Secrets Of A Mysterious Island In Kredolis

Welcome to Kredolis - a first-person puzzle adventure from Pharos Interactive where after being shipwrecked, you have to uncover the secrets of the former inhabitants.

Puzzle fans rejoice: Kredolis, a first-person mystical adventure will launch on Steam later this month, and it might be one of those rare occasions where getting shipwrecked is a good thing.

As implied, you begin on an abandoned island once part of Atlantis, after getting shipwrecked. You’re shipwrecked, that is. To solve the island’s mysteries and discover its past inhabitants, you have to work out the puzzles and uncover contraptions.

Kredolis is the debut title from Pharos Interactive – a one-person studio, passionate about ‘creating mystical worlds with captivating storytelling.

After growing up playing adventure/puzzle games like Myst I noticed that there weren’t many like it these days. It inspired me to create Kredolis, which brings back the vibe and sense of mystery those kinds of games used to have. I want players to experience an adventure full of stories and puzzles to solve, on a colorful and mysterious island.

Pharos Interactive

Check out the trailer below:

Kredolis launches on Steam on the 27th of September, with console versions to follow later in the year.