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Know By Heart Tells A Story Of Rekindled Friendship Explored Through Mini-Games

Heading to PC in Q2 2021, Know By Heart is a story of childhood friendship and embracing adulthood.

Know By Heart out Q2 2021
Source: PR

Behind the creepy as hell Pathologic 2Ice-Pick Lodge will be bringing Know By Heart to the PC this year, a tale of rekindling friendship and accepting loss.

Playing as Misha, you’re stuck in a dead-end job until an early crush returns to town. This is the catalyst for a group of friends to get back together and rebuild bridges, but there’s a history that threatens this reunion.

In some ways a coming of age story, slightly reversed, it’s about coming to terms with adulthood by accepting the past and moving on. Know By Heart is set in a quiet Russian town where ‘echoes of the Soviet era can still be seen and heard’.

Know By Heart - Rain
Why does it always rain on me? Source: PR

A somewhat brief adventure, the game features many atmospheric mini-games, and each gaming element from the story through to the music plays an important role in this tale of friendship and moving on with one’s life.

Features include:

  • ~5 hours of sentimental adventure
  • The atmosphere of a post-Soviet provincial town at the turn of the century
  • An emotional plot with non-linear elements and several endings
  • Game mechanics representing thoughts and memories of the protagonist
  • A collection of evocative mini-games
  • Piano soundtrack composed in modern neoclassical style

How about a trailer?

Know By Heart is scheduled for a released on PC in Q2 2021.

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