Klaus Lee – Thunderballs: Jetpacks! Dynamite! Moustaches!

Help 80s legend (who nobody remembers0 Klaus escape the terrors of an 80s TV set in retro platformer Klaus Lee - Thunderballs. Coming in 2023.

I’m using the same title as the email I received: how effective is that? Klaus Lee – Thunderballs got my attention through its title, then swiftly through the retro 80s trailer. So… what’s it all about?

Coming to the Nintendo Switch from NUKKLEAR (all uppercase) and Assemble Entertainment later this year, you play a hero that nobody has heard of in this 2D platformer that’s a little bit Jet Set Willy meets Rick Dangerous. That’s one for the oldies.

In Klaus Lee – Thunderballs, the ‘titular moustached spelunker’ has been sucked into the TV and trapped in an 80s video game. Using his jetpack, he’ll navigate 100 unique levels to escape. There’s even a level editor!

Key features in Klaus Lee – Thunderballs include:

  • Where’d I Put My Moustache Oil? Join the moustachioed hero Klaus Lee through a classically crafted story of humour and fun where the 80s cliches know no bounds.  
  • Prepare For Take Off Strap on your old school, high power jetpack to travel through over 100 unique, brain-bending levels, then, power your way through levels created by fellow Klaus Lee superfans. 
  • Spikes & Bats & Bugs, Oh My! Deadly traps and vile beasts of all sizes ensure this adventure platformer is never short on action. Dodge nasty insects, temple traps, and other hazards where every level is a puzzle to be solved! 
  • Games Couldn’t Do This Back In My Day Enjoy cross-platform functionality to see what everyone, everywhere is up to and creating in the wonderful world of Klaus Lee.  

Here’s that retro trailer:

Klaus Lee – Thunderballs will be launched on the Nintendo Switch, and PC and Mac via Steam in Q4, 2023. A Steam link is below.