Cat Got Your Tongue? Where’s The Kitaria Fables Write-Up?

Awww - look at all the lil' aminals! Out today on PC and consoles, Kitaria Fables. Watch out for a review in timely fashion...

Out today, on multiple platforms, Kitaria Fables is an action-adventure RPG for solo gamers or those fortunate enough to blackmail household members or friends into a co-op.

Courtesy of Twin Hearts and PQube, there’s plenty to do, such as farm and craft. The farming stuff takes place on Thunderbunn Farm – a lure in itself. Wait.. cats, Thunderbunn… could we see a Lion-O crossover? Nah. Still, you’ll be too busy with new recipes and gear to aid your quest.

Kitaria Fables - Farming session
Farming session. Source: PR

Kitaria Tales takes place in Canoidera, and this world is your oyster with lots to see and do. How do I know? I’m playing it between these keystrokes on the PS5, and it’s lush. Not in a chavvy way, but it’s a gorgeous vibrant world. Expect a review in due course as I only got a code shortly before launch.

Key features include:

  • Charming action-adventure featuring RPG, farming and crafting elements
  • Play with a friend using couch co-op mode
  • Real-time combat with melee weapons, bows and magic as you encounter beasts and bandits in the wilds
  • Grow produce on Thunderbunn Farm and gather resources to craft weapons, provisions and more
  • Customise your character with skins, gear and accessories
  • Meet friends and villagers, taking on side quests and building relationships along the way
  • Available in both physical & digital formats.

Here’s the Kitaria Fables launch trailer:

Kitaria Fables is out now on PS4, PS5, Xboxesseses, Nintendo Switch and PC. The Steam and PS4/5 versions have a 20% launch discount too.