Kirby Star Allies | Switch Review

I wasn’t too fussed when Kirby Star Allies came out. Kirby isn’t the top of my list when I think of Nintendo characters. I don’t dislike the pink orb, I simply don’t seek out games that he features in. I did enjoy Kirby Air Ride on the GameCube a little but that was a different type of game altogether.

Kirby Star Allies is another purchase for my eldest which was on her wishlist. She already has Kirby and the Rainbow Curse on the Wii U. For the first few days, it was popular but she soon lost interest. A bit like Go Vacation. After she played the Kirby Star Allies demo, she convinced me to buy it last year.

Kirby Star Allies opening montage

Needing a platform

I was quite surprised to see that she stuck it out and finished it. The first game she completed. She didn’t binge play it but she played it regularly enough to finish in a week or so (bearing in mind during the week she doesn’t get much access to the Switch). I also played the demo and it was ok but it was more for her than myself.

Now I have this website and going through my catalogue to write comments – reviews even – of these games, I thought I’d give it a go – the same as Pokémon, but that will come a little later. It’s actually not bad. While I like platform games, I don’t consciously choose them as I find them quite limited. Kirby Star Allies falls in this category but does try to make use of a few standout features.

Kirby Star Allies starter map

Powering up

First of all the power-ups. If you don’t know who or what Kirby is, then perhaps you need to play a few more Nintendo games but in summary, though a cute ball of pink, Kirby can swallow up enemies and spit them out like Yoshi, jump on them and even fly. The best part though is Kirby can absorb the powers of enemies and use them for their own purpose – be it the power of fire, ice or even a baseball?

This gives a bit of variety as you can experiment with a few play styles that work for you though you do need some of these elements to solve some of the simple puzzles. And that’s where the next feature comes in: three additional players.

Kirby Star Allies – the band

That’s right, you can friend up three additional NPC’s to follow you around. Best of all you can swap them out on the fly and use the ability that suits. The fire and ice characters are recommended. Kirby makes friends by tossing his heart at them. Awww. You can’t befriend everyone though but you’ll get an idea what is likely to work. It would be cool if you could get one of the bosses to join you.

What’s frustrating though is your entourage will attack everything so if you want to swap out a player or take their ability, you need to get there first or they’ll destroy them. But these aren’t playable by other players. Wrong! You can have three other mates join in – woot! Now, that makes the game even better.

Kirby and his followers

Kirby is a member of the family. Ish…

Not necessarily a bad thing, but Kirby Star Allies is incredibly easy and very short-lived. No wonder my daughter completed it so quickly. But if you look at the main character and the genre, this isn’t for your typical Call of Duty player – and it doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is presented as – a fun, colourful cute playable world arguably aimed for kids and fans alike. Have a look at Nintendo’s site here.

When I played this so I could take some screenshots and share some thoughts, my daughter got excited and started giving me advice and reminiscing on her play-through. And that surely serves the purpose as Kirby Star Allies hits the target group and gives stress-free gaming in a family-friendly Nintendo environment. Will I replay Kirby Star Allies? Unlikely – unless my daughter wants to give it a go but like I stated above, it serves its purpose and I highly recommend this for a family-focused gaming household. I didn’t once hear Kirby say !*&@.

Kirby looking concerned