Ner Ner Ner Ner Ner – King Of The Castle Announced For 2023

Play as the Monarch or a Noble and work together to make a prosperous kingdom by having a nice little... chat. King of the Castle coming in 2023.

Who wants to be King of the Hill when you can be King of the Castle? A story-driven fantasy full of back-stabbing and political intrigue, keyboard and mouse users will be pleased to know this multiplayer game is coming to PC in 2023.

From Tributary Games and Team17, players will take control of one of five unique regions to manage their Council of Nobles, logging in to their Twitch account or via a web browser. Far from the Middle Ages… The Monarch and Nobles work together – the latter voting upon key decisions through chat, where the Monarch has the ultimate power. Or do they?

Key features in King of the Castle include:

  • Cooperative online multiplayer: Work together with friends or strangers, via Twitch or your web browser, to steer the fate of your kingdom, tackle unique challenges, and play a key part in the downfall or prosperity of an empire 
  • Write your story: Play through hundreds of unique Medieval fantasy stories, each with their own characters, choices, and far-reaching consequences 
  • Give peace a chance… or not: As Monarch, balance the competing demands of your Nobles while keeping an eye out for brewing political unrest or revolts 
  • Democracy manifest: Bribe, persuade or intimidate your way through difficult votes, or alter the law entirely to give yourself extra sway in the polls
  • Customise your kingdom: Ensure your legacy upon the land by choosing your name, pronouns, appearance, and even your family crest
  • Web browser mode: Gather a small party of 4-21 people and play together with friends! Only King of the Castle game hosts need own a copy of the game while all others can join from their mobile device or web browser using a unique access code 

Here is a selection of moving images for your perusal:

King of the Castle is coming to PC in early 2023. Wishlist it on Steam… NOW!