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King Of Seas Release Date Is He-Arrr

Yes! A release date is on the horizon, as is plenty of juicy booty: King of Seas release date is set for the 25th of May ye filthy scallyway, ye.

King of Seas Preview
Source: Steam

As a fan of PlayStation Access, their feed often shows up on YouTube, and it’s one of the few gaming channels I frequently watch that isn’t shouty. But what surprised me was a live stream of King Of Seas. But it isn’t out yet?!

Back to the inbox a couple of days later and, low and behold, a King Of Seas release date. Arrr! The last time I got to play the preview on Steam was around about the same time as the Golden Age of Piracy, centuries ago. An initial launch seemed delayed, but for a good reason: Team17 came onboard. ‘Onboard’ – heh.

So what is this; Monarchies of the Seven Seas? Nope. Piracy. Shafted by an advisor to the King, your father, you’re framed for his murder and taken out by the navy. Left for dead, you’re taken under the wing of pirates who train you in their West Country ways as you strive to become the king of all pirates.

King of Seas - If only they were monkeys
If only they were monkeys… Source: Steam

It’s a procedurally generated game which means the seas are as tricky to navigate as they were the first time. In King Of Seas you’ll partake in escort missions, cartography, pimping out your ship and naturally, looting.

Key features in King Of Seas include:

  • Story: A series of quests guide you on your journey and uncover the intriguing characters of the King of Seas world who will lead you to the next path of your epic adventure.
  • Procedural Generation: Dive into a lush, procedurally generated world that constantly refreshes the exploration mechanics within each new game.
  • Dynamic World: The world reacts to your every action, naval routes change and with each conquered settlement the difficulty adapts to constantly give you a more challenging time.
  • Map: A thick fog will ensure travelling towards objectives is not plain sailing, after all wouldn’t you want to lose the joy of exploration?
  • Navigation system: Atmospheric effects influence gameplay. Sail during a storm at your own risk, escape the enemies and always remember to carefully watch the wind direction to stay in control during battles. The strategy starts here.
  • Ship customization: Five types of highly customizable ships through an equipment and skill system, just as in any true role-playing game!
  • Combat system: Not only cannon shots and nautical strategy but also speed and spectacle, thanks to a set of more than 20 skills to choose from and three branches of talents to suit any playstyle.

Here’s an updated trailer for ya:

King of Seas is out for Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on the 25th of May.

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