King Of Seas Aims To Rule The Waves In Autumn

Rules the waves in KING OF SEAS an RPG exploration this autumn on consoles and PC.

King of Seas is coming to consoles and the PC this autumn – an RPG adventure where you take to the seas in search of booty.

The Golden Age of Piracy wasn’t the late 80s/early 90s with the Amiga and X-COPY? Huh – who’d have known.

As a bit of a pirate fanboy, I’m pleased to read that a new RPG is coming this autumn from 3DClouds titled¬†King of Seas.

King Of Seas - Sailing
Plain sailing. Source: PR

In this tale of exploration, see battles and hidden treasure, there’s an underlying narrative thread of avenging the death of your father, and in the process, become the king of the pirates.

Emphasis on exploration, the game will feature procedurally generated maps and encourages players to apply a strategic approach at all times as the game is dynamic in design.

We have poured all our creative talent into creating this stunning pirate world and can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks.

Francesco Bruschi, Founder and CEO of 3DClouds

Here’s a sneak peek teaser trailer:

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Currently scheduled for Autumn 2020, King of Seas is coming to the PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.