King Lucas Nintendo Switch

With Valentine’s Day done and dusted, it’s time to move on with something different, well, there’s still a bit of old fashioned romance and chivalry in the air as this week King Lucas comes out on the Nintendo Switch.

Ok, so the theme of love is actually in the air as you take on the role of a knight sworn in to rescue King Lucas’ daughters – there’s three of them, so take your pick. They’ve been trapped inside Sausan Castle; a hellish structure made up of over 1000 rooms that you have to explore, defeating the occupants in the process.

King Lucas - Teal
Is it teal or duck egg? Either way, it’s rather pleasant. Source: PR

It takes its inspiration from the likes of 8-bit and 16-bit titles from the past, though the visual side of things is more of the latter and much more polished than the titles it pays homage to.

Playing out as a 2.5D platform game, King Lucas from Devilish Games looks suited to the Nintendo Switch, having had a run on Steam since 2016 with mixed reviews, it might have found an outlet with the retro fans on the eShop community.

The asking price is £4.49 and it’s released on the 21st February 2020, so see for yourself if this is a worthy addition to your Switch library. If I get a code, I’ll be looking to review on the site in due course.

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