Kinetic Edge Review: On The Edge Once More

Coming out of its Early Access shell, here's a Kinetic Edge review, available now on Steam.

Writing an Early Access review, then not long after, a full Kinetic Edge review seems a bit superfluous. Surely there’s not that much that has changed since the last bit?

At the time of writing, I was still unable to play other players in the multiplayer mode, so this review only really serves the purpose of reflecting on the game some time after the first write-up, rolling with a few new shapes and giving a review score.

In this updated version, a tutorial is unlocked. Nobody likes tutorials, but this one helps you get a better feel for the game and has a bit of humour chucked in for good measure through tool-tips and the sadistic sort. Even in this (t)ease into the game, you’ll be falling to your death a lot.

As you may already be aware this game from Seacorp Technologies isn’t health-based, it isn’t Dark Souls. Instead, you have to do everything as fast as possible if you hope to get on the scoreboard. It doesn’t matter if you take up a lot of time though you won’t see a game over.

Kinetic Edge Is A Blast

One of the first things I noticed from the Kinetic Edge tutorial was the use of the blast. Before, I had zero use for it as its purpose was for knocking others off course. Aha – now it serves the purpose, and it’s a devilishly cool trick, as long as you aren’t on the receiving end. 

Kinetic Edge - Way of the dragon
Way of the dragon. Source: PR

Whether the town I live is on the outskirts of internet civilisation and can’t connect with others, or if there aren’t enough people playing it yet will be confirmed in the next few days as it releases today. Still, the blast technique is at the top of the queue.

When it comes to the new shapes, they’re mostly gimmicky, but in a good way. Switching from a sphere to a cube is a nightmare. Funny, but a nightmare. Again, this might be more enjoyable with others, but I’d rather stick with the sphere when running a maze for the time being. I did try another shape for the maze, but it defaulted to the sphere.

Compared to the recent Glyph, the games are quite similar in their approach, and both equally challenging. In retrospect, playing Kinetic Edge with a controller is significantly better in my opinion. Perhaps this was due to the recent muscle memory with Glyph (both were played on a Pro Controller). The key point is the accuracy and speed in using powers alongside the camera movement.

Kinetic Edge Mini-Review Summary

I had a score in mind for Kinetic Edge before, and happy to state that now based on the single-player game. It’s currently bookmarked in my games to review, as intend to come back to it. Once the multiplayer is a bit more populated, I’ll look at updating this.

The score totals a 7 out of 10