Tune In To Killer Frequency This Summer

Long time listener, first time caller, but about to die? Take control on an 80s radio station broadcast during one gruesome night in Killer Frequency...

The pitch, pun unintentional, for Killer Frequency screams FMV but is a first-person cell-shade type simulator set in the 80s where you have to try to foil a serial killer and help listeners of a local radio station survive the night.

You play DJ, Forrest Nash, taking calls from the listeners and intercepting clues that pinpoint the killer’s next action, ideally keeping said caller alive in the process. Developed and published by Team17Killer Frequency is a black comedy slasher-adventure for PC and consoles. 

Key features include:

  • Stay on air: Take control of the switchboard and explore an authentic 1980s radio studio as you guide the fates of your late-night listeners stalked by a mysterious killer 
  • Stop the slaughter: Take calls from potential victims while gathering clues, making decisions, and solving satisfying puzzles that could help each caller survive the night 
  • Unmask the killer: Interact with a variety of larger-than-life personalities including callers, potential suspects, and a charismatic producer while jamming to a jukebox of 1980s-inspired tunes 
  • All can live or die: Choose from a variety of conversation options to interact with callers – will you guide them to safety or broadcast their last moments live on air? 
  • Play on flatscreen and in VR: Built from the ground-up for Meta Quest 2 at 72 frames-per-second for a latency-free experience, and available in flatscreen mode on Steam and consoles. 

Check out the trailer below:

Killer Frequency is set for a release on PC, Meta Quest 2, PS5/4, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch from the 1st of June.