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This Isn’t A Request: Kill The Crows

Badass gunslinger Isabella wants vengeance, and the best way to do it is taking out this cult: Kill The Crows, out now on Steam.

Kill The Crows
Source: Steam

A bit harsh, but Kill The Crows is a top-down arena shooter from KRAFTON that’s now on Steam and might be the next best thing for any gunslinger to check out rather than fiddle with themselves.

Isabella is a vengeful gunslinger, a necessary trait for carnage, who sets out to gun down a bunch of wrong ‘uns. Unlike the usual bean-eatin’ hillbillies, she’s after a cult group that worships crows.

Get this: Kill The Crows boasts a one-hit-kill system. Both Isabella and her enemies (including bosses) can be killed by a stray bullet, unless I’m misunderstanding it. What I do know is it features a skill called Showdown, allowing Iza to aim and shoot at multiple targets, reload all bullets, and even escape danger. An all-in-one.

Have a look-see at the vid for it:

Kill The Crows is out now on Steam, priced at £4.29/€4.99 with a 10% discount for the first week. Check it out.

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