Can You Kibu A Secret? Omno Developer’s Next Project Revealed

Studio Inkyfox's next project has been revealed: Kibu: a tranquil adventure featuring a solitary monk, temples and tea.

Omno was one of my favourite experiences last year, and even though it took solo dev Jonas Manke an age to make it, they’ve already got a new title lined up for 2024: Kibu.

Published by Future Friends Games once more, this is another serene experience where you play as a solitary monk who builds temples, brews teas, and journeys into the wild. Brewing tea is definitely on the same skill level as temple building, right?

Already, Kibu looks absolutely stunning. Here’s what we can look forward to in terms of features:

  • Embark on a tranquil adventure in a captivating wilderness, journeying through a range of unique environments and seeking out the ancient spirits of the land
  • Create a sanctuary that is uniquely yours, building and customising your own temple, forging a special and meaningful space within the world
  • Explore mysterious lands, uncovering hidden secrets and unravelling the enigmatic stories of the world.
  • Harness the power of your staff as you strike out into the wilds, and master a tactile, flowing combat system to overcome hostile foes.
  • Turn your tools to farming and foraging, cultivating a vibrant garden and harvesting the riches of nature
  • Dive into the art of tea brewing, concocting a variety of delicious teas with diverse effects to enhance your journey.

… and a vid:

There isn’t a release date for Kibu yet, but it has been scheduled for 2024, which will be worth the wait if you ask me. Wishlist it now to keep in the know.