Kayko & Kokosh: Coloring Book Out This Week On Switch

To complement the fairly recent Netflix series, RedDeer Games have announced Kayko & Kokosh: Coloring Book for the Switch. Launches this week!

Do you remember that RedDeerGames for the licensing for Kayko & Kokosh – the Slavic Asterix & Obelix (as it’s being referred to)? Get this: their first instalment is the Kayko & Kokosh: Coloring Book – alas, without the ‘u’.

With a plot devised by a former CD Projekt RED writer, you’ll experience the fantasy world created by Janusz Christa – one of Poland’s best-known comic book artists. Taken from their famous comic strips, you’ll get to colour the panels in.

There’s not much to explain how this works, really: Kayko & Kokosh: Coloring Book clearly states what it is, and judging by the other colouring book game the publishers released way back on the Switch (the name escapes me, but it’s a go-to for my youngest), this is a chill title not solely for kids, but adults who like colouring, too.

Key features include:

  • Unique aesthetic
  • Dozens of drawings to complete
  • Great fun for children – and an excellent way to introduce them to comics
  • The best way for children to express their creativity

Here’s the latest Kayko & Kokosh: Coloring Book trailer:

Available on the Nintendo Switch from the 16th of September, you can also check out the Kayko & Kokosh series on Netflix (with English subtitles if needed!).