KARMA: The Dark World Might Make You Grateful You Aren’t Living In A Dystopia. Or Are You?

KARMA: The Dark World - A psychological cinematic thriller set in a dystopian East Germany, and ruled by an evil corporation. Cheer up - it's not all that bad!

An alternative reality set in 80s East Germany, KARMA: The Dark World is a first-person cinematic psychological thriller that is apparently…

A Multi-Dimensional Narrative Inspired By The Works of George Orwell, David Lynch and Kojima-San

This had better not be clickbait—that opening line alone almost made me pee my pants. Almost. Honest. But according to Pollard Studio and Wired Productions, this psychological thriller set in East Germany in 1984 (coincidence?) looks set to be an alluring concept.

In a world run by the Leviathan Corporation, KARMA: The Dark World isn’t just about oppression from the powers that be; it also exposes players to twisted creations that ‘linger just out of sight, and where every shadow holds a secret’.

It evokes, emotions and provokes players to think, feel and question everything. Pollard Studio wanted to create an intense cinematic experience, and I’m delighted we’re able to work so closely with them. It’s truly an exciting game that I can’t wait to reveal more about.

Leo Zullo, Managing Director of publisher Wired Productions

There isn’t a release date yet, but you can wishlist KARMA: The Dark World now. That’s an order, citizen.