The World Of Kandria Opens The Doors In January

With over 250 hand-crafted rooms to platfrom through, indie action RPG Kandria will release on Steam in January 2023.

Doesn’t the upcoming open-world action RPG Kandria look a little like Flashback? In a good way, of course. But it wasn’t the throwback retro visuals that pulled me in. It was that excellent music from the trailer (see it further down. Patience).

Developed by Shirakumo Games, you play an android who has awoken in a desolate future that totals 2.5 million square metres in size. Digest that for a sec. With over 250 hand-crafted rooms, chock full of platforming and enemies, expect to experience a hostile world.

Inspired by Celeste and other precision platformersKandria features as many as 50 ongoing quests to keep you busy, battling against rogue robots, feral animals, and antagonistic humans. A typical day, eh?

Here’s the trailer:

Kandria will hit Steam next year on the 11th of January. Deets below.

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