Just Die Already Release Date Imminent

Unleash the oldies and throw them at some moving vehicles. What am I saying?!!? Just Die Already release date will be announced anytime soon...

The youth is wasted on the young, but there’s no point whinging about it and just offing yourself in the most extravagant way possible: geriatric massacres now we have a Just Die Already release date approaches.

Why the funk I didn’t post this sooner, I don’t know, but at least we’re closing in on a date. If you played the demo, you’d already know what to expect with this Tony Hawk sandbox of death. It’s pretty gruesome, but it’s not real. Right?

From the designer who brought us Goat Simulator (underrated), Armin Ibrisagic, Double Moose’s ‘pensioner playground’ puts the ‘break a leg’ into wishful thinking. It helps when you have Curve Digital on board, publishing the game – it’s bound to be a hit, both figuratively and literally.

Set in the near future, you’re an elderly person who’s recently been kicked out of their retirement home. To qualify for care, you have to perform various death-defying stunts (emphasis on death) to raise your chances of having your bum wiped by a stranger.

Here’s a trailer featuring shouty YouTubers building up to the Just Die Already release date:

Heading to PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, an official Just Die Already release date is on the cards in the coming weeks. Take that, old man.