Just Die Already Teases With A Glimpse Of The Future

A new trailer gives a hint at what's to come in the near future with Just Die Already, coming to Steam.

Just Die Already gets the cyberpunk itch and releases a new teaser of futuristic gameplay.

It’s a sad state of affairs when one of the most anticipated games of the year, Cyberpunk 2077 rips off another, lesser-known title when it comes to trailer inspiration.

Just one look at the most recent teasers from the company that brought us a game about a witch called Gerald, and it’s clear as day that they ‘creatively borrowed’ elements from Just Die Already. The same thing happened with Death Stranding.

Just Die Already - Headless
Source: Screen capture

Or is it the other way around and developers DoubleMoose simply are fans of some of the top titles out there? Duh

We talk a lot about Cyberpunk 2077 at the DoubleMoose office and the trailer kind of just ended up like this unintentionally…Be cool, CDProjectRed. Don’t sue.

DoubleMoose co-founder Armin Ibrisagic

Just Die Already has been raising its skirt all over the place, getting seen on the tail end of some of PewDiePie’s YouTube videos, as per Poopdie Chapter One which you can read about here. The Death Stranding trailer was marvellous, but this latest one to get a fair share of the attention is justified and worth a watch.

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If you’ve been living in the shadows waiting solely for Cyberpunk 2077, then this might not be for you, but for everyone else, it’s a geriatric sandbox of death. Think Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater but those on death’s door eager to earn a ticket to the top retirement home, and you’ll get an idea.

Oh, and throw in some buckets of blood while you’re there.

You can wishlist the game now on Steam, but it might be worth giving the demo a go now if you haven’t already as it’s limited until the 2nd September. After that, it’s gone forever.