Just Dance 2018 | Nintendo Switch Review

This will be a very straightforward review/commentary/bundle of incoherent musings. Just Dance 2018 is more or less the same as Just Dance, Just Dance 2035 and Charles Dance, the actor. A song plays, you follow the steps/dancing on screen and try to match the moves and rhythm to get some points.

You can jump into the game almost immediately as the joy-con setup is much easier than setting this up on a PS4 with a camera. That’s not difficult either, but more difficult. It takes a little more time. I know because like a teacher and a parent, I have zero skill in configuring technology correctly – especially for two people to play at once. The Switch version of Just Dance 2018 makes it easy to get your groove on.

Snap, crackle and pop music

Load the game up, clear a space in your living room, bedroom or barn and pick a song you like and dance. That’s it. There are a good bunch of songs. Not my thang really, but enough to keep you and your young ‘uns entertained. I say young ‘uns as I haven’t convinced a single adult to play this – even when intoxicated. No one can dance, but it’s ok to get up and wave your jiggly bits right? Ok, I should have put my clothes on at that time but I thought everyone did that. I was boiling.

If you like your pop, then Just Dance 2018 is for you. Or whatever year you read this, that version of Just Dance. There are some big names here for songs released in 2017/2018. It depends on your taste, but I find that the older songs are better i.e. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now (actually from a previous game), Kenny Loggins – Footloose and 24k Magic – Bruno Mars. Only because I’d like to think I have the moves. I don’t. Missing from the Just Dance 2018 playlist is Slayer – Raining Blood, Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M. and anything by The Prodigy.

Calorie burner

There are some novelty tunes in there and some for kids. I know of a few people that play Just Dance 2018 use the game to work out. That was made up. I don’t know anyone who plays this. With dancing, you can burn a lot of calories, get fit and pick up chicks and dudes at the discotheque. The latter only happens in the past or in your head, in your head, zom-bie, zom-bie… Alas, there are no The Cranberries songs in this game either. Not that they are songs you can really dance to. Here it is on YouTube instead. Dance to it, film it, post it back on YouTube and let me know the link. I’m not going to do it, mind.

Is Just Dance 2018 any good? Yeah, it’s good but not something I personally play. The design and controls are probably as good as it’s gonna get. For me it would be more about the song list, then again, despite being a music geek and loving my music, I seldom dance. Only when a gun is pointed at me and I’m told: “Dance, McFly”. Even then, I’m no good. I bought this for my eldest daughter and she only plays it when her friends are around. I guess that’s the target market so take that into account.

Just Dance 2018 is already dated, but…

If you see it on sale check out the playlist first to help you make the decision. If you like music games on the Switch though, my favourite so far would have to be Taiko no Tatsujin. Anyone can play it as it is ludicrously simple to pick up, a little tricky to master. But that’s a different story altogether.

** I did attempt to take screenshots of this but the in-game capture wouldn’t allow it so the thumbnail image, like my NES Online thumbnails, are from Nintendo.co.uk – all images, obviously, belong to them but the purpose of this site is you to buy their stuff **