Just Crow Things Is Full Of Poop, Theft And Trinkets

Help a young bird prove herself to her animal friends, earning crowputation through sandbox mayhem - Just Crow Things coming to Steam.

Just Crow Things might be winging it with its press release, as there’s not much to go on. Cue some investigative journalism (a click), and we can surmise this is a casual from Unbound Creations.

The devs know something about sandbox mayhem, having released Rain On Your Parade a while back. Don’t look for a review – they didn’t give me a code, but Game Pass is your friend. It was alright.

Just Crow Things, on the other hand, follows a little crow looking to prove themselves by shitting on stuff. To prove themselves to their friends, they must grow their Crowputation by performing all sorts of shenanigans over ten unique levels.

Key features include:

  • Explore 10 unique and sandbox-y levels
  • Customize your crow with cute hats, scarves, and more
  • Eat delicious foods and discover new “poop modes”
  • Use variety of tools and objects you pick up
  • Make new animal friends and help them out

There isn’t a Just Crow Things release date set, but add it to your wishlist or get the bird.