Journey To The Savage Planet

It’s quite easy to take your eye off the prize when there are so many titles on so many systems coming out that Journey To The Savage Planet was completely off my radar.

Having read a couple of reviews already and the subsequent announcement from 505 Games and Typhoon Studios that it’s out today, I thought I’d notify my fellow out-of-touch gamers who hadn’t heard of it either. Until now.

View the official site here.

The premise of the game is exploration. You have been catapulted into uncharted territories, in this case, the unexplored planet ARY-26 with limited resources, so must endeavour to be the first one to locate all the hidden goodies and dangers that are abundant in this alien environment.

Journey To The Savage Planet - Wrist action
It’s all in the wrist. Source: PR

In Journey To The Savage Planet, collect specimens, upgrade equipment and scan for new signs of life without being killed in the process. That’s what it says here in this guide.

Apparently you are accompanied by an AI named E.K.O. and cartographer drones that you can either follow or not, but if you’re a fan of meat bags, you can lure in a fellow human to play co-op with you.

In addition to these glorious features, there’s a photo mode for selfie fans where you can customise the images you take, paying attention to field of view, camera positions and filters. More importantly, the composition. That’s something Snapchatters fail to identify with, but when in space…

Journey To The Savage Planet looks ace and I’m looking forward to eventually playing it on the PS4, but it’s also available today for Xbox One and also on the Epic Games Store. Rather than regurgitate any of what has already been said, check out the trailer below:

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