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Journey To The Savage Planet Old Game Minus

Journey To The Savage Planet old game minus

I feel I’m missing out. When the news came out about Journey To The Savage Planet, it became clear that this is a witty game worthy of adding to your collection. Only, I haven’t got it yet. It’s been on the shelves in the local and tempting as it is, I still haven’t picked it up. Maybe I will with the new, rather, Old Game Minus.

While the status quo like to other longevity with a new game +, Journey To The Savage Planet from Typhoon Studios and 505 Games wants to take you back to your roots with an older version of the game. That would be too literal. Instead, it’s a new challenge mode for hardcore gamers, offering only three lives and a timer. Once you’re dead, that’s it.

But it’s not just sh*ts and giggles with an uber challenging mode, there’s also more filters to choose from in photo mode meaning you shy guys no longer need to carry Snapchat about in your pocket; take a pic of your avatar in-game and share to strangers everywhere.

Journey to Savage Planet - Zap
Hey, Ray. Source: PR

You know what? Just re-reading about Journey To The Savage Planet has got me stoked once more: I’m picking this up in the morning and will pluck a review out of the air once I’ve had a chance to play it. Who knows – maybe I might have a go at the new, old game minus.

The free update for Journey To The Savage Planet is out now for all systems that matter in this day and age. For now.

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