John Wick Hex PS4 release

Who doesn’t like John Wick? Probably the widowed families of all the henchmen he took down. While you process that guilt for liking a very naughty man, I’ll be looking forward to John Wick Hex on the PS4 this May.

Yeah, I’m already over the fact that the Baba Yaga hitman has a job frowned upon by society. Why couldn’t he have been a florist or toilet attendant? Most likely because he’s so good at killing and now it’s your turn to take on this path, like a modern-day Max Payne.

From Bithell Games and Good Shepherd EntertainmentJohn Wick Hex is an action-oriented timeline strategy game. What does that mean? With limited ammo, you need to time reloads and make each combat segment count as the mechanics are built around a realistic scenario. Well, as real as John Wick gets.

John Wick Hex - Back shooter
Rather than backstab, this dude will shoot. Source: PR

The development team even consulted with the stunt choreographers to ensure it was authentic as the beloved film series. Ian McShane, who plays Winston, lends his voice talents – alas the breathtaking one isn’t involved, but Troy Baker – of Death Stranding fame, among other titles, is on call.

Usually, these announcements are games that appear from nowhere, or we know little about. However, I saw John Wick Hex some time ago and was frustrated that I didn’t have a PC to play it on. Well, time to heed the call and make a note on the release date as John Wick Hex looks ace.

John Wick Hex is out on the PS4 on the 5th of May. May the fourth – ah bugger, can’t use that joke.

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