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John Wick Hex Released On The PS4 This May

John Wick Hex PS4 release

Who doesn’t like John Wick? Probably the widowed families of all the henchmen he took down. While you process that guilt for liking a very naughty man, I’ll be looking forward to John Wick Hex on the PS4 this May.

Yeah, I’m already over the fact that the Baba Yaga hitman has a job frowned upon by society. Why couldn’t he have been a florist or toilet attendant? Most likely because he’s so good at killing and now it’s your turn to take on this path, like a modern-day Max Payne.

From Bithell Games and Good Shepherd EntertainmentJohn Wick Hex is an action-oriented timeline strategy game. What does that mean? With limited ammo, you need to time reloads and make each combat segment count as the mechanics are built around a realistic scenario. Well, as real as John Wick gets.

John Wick Hex - Back shooter
Rather than backstab, this dude will shoot. Source: PR

The development team even consulted with the stunt choreographers to ensure it was authentic as the beloved film series. Ian McShane, who plays Winston, lends his voice talents – alas the breathtaking one isn’t involved, but Troy Baker – of Death Stranding fame, among other titles, is on call.

Usually, these announcements are games that appear from nowhere, or we know little about. However, I saw John Wick Hex some time ago and was frustrated that I didn’t have a PC to play it on. Well, time to heed the call and make a note on the release date as John Wick Hex looks ace.

John Wick Hex is out on the PS4 on the 5th of May. May the fourth – ah bugger, can’t use that joke.

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