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Jets ‘n’ Guns 2 Coming To The Switch This Month

Jets 'n' Guns 2

Jets ‘n’ Guns 2 blasts its way on to the Switch this month. That’s all I have for the opener.

Clearly a romantic visual novel with a title such as this, Jets ‘n’ Guns 2 is the sequel to the first title (funny that). I never had the pleasure of playing the first one, so let’s correct that with this title. Watch this space.

Anyhoo, this is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up from Rake in Grass offering up the classic arsenal you’d expect with tons of weapons, abilities and ship upgrades.

Jets 'n' Guns 2 - Integrity
That hull has integrity. Source: PR

With the universe on the verge of chaos from an unknown powerful entity, as the galaxy’s finest, bravest (read ‘craziest’) pilot, you take on the enemy in your super-duper spaceship.

Features in Jets ‘n’ Guns 2 include:

  • EPIC ADVENTURE – Go on an extraordinary quest through space and parallel dimensions to save the universe from its inevitable doom.
  • RELENTLESS ACTION – Enjoy unlimited action and destruction as you tear through space stations and whole cities on your way to victory.
  • MASSIVE ARSENAL – Nowhere else will you find an arsenal of this magnitude and variety. The game offers a constant flow of exciting new weapons as you progress through the campaign.
  • INNOVATIVE EQUIPMENT – The variety of items is unprecedented – many have bizarre effects that support nontraditional play styles.
  • MASSIVE REPLAYABILITY – An endlessly repeating loop of gameplay offers ever-increasing difficulty that will test the true limits of your abilities.
  • AND MASU IS BACK! – Machinae Supremacy returns to provide a brand new hard-rockin’, face-meltin’, nut-crackin’ soundtrack for the game!

In preparation for playing the game, I’ve been ‘revising’ by listening to the band Machinae Supremacy and suggest you check them out too if you’re a fan of licks, riffs and grooves.

Here’s a trailer:

Jets ‘n’ Guns 2 will make it on to the Switch for the 26th August (which isn’t that far away now), and if you’re interested, there’ll be a review here in time for release. He says…

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