Jessika – What Really Happened To Her? Find Out In This FMV Mystery

What really happened to Jessika? Find out in this FMV-based investigative story, where all you have is her laptop.

Uncover the truth behind the death of Jessika with only her laptop to hand to uncover what happened to her – out on PC, Mac and Linux in September.

<ahem; insert movie trailer voice>… in a time of technical wonder, there existed FMV cutscenes. Now, coming to personal computers this Summer is Jessika – a tail of tragedy.

That’s right kids, in the olden days, Mummy and Daddy used to play games with full-motion video, like Night Trap, and it was pivotal in storytelling, but often a bit corny.

Jessika - Daddy issues
Daddy issues. Source: PR

In this latest venture, Assemble Entertainment (publishing saviours of Leisure Suit Larry) are bringing TriTrie Games’ investigative story, Jessika. Rather than this piece be about the overall game, they’ve released a developer diary on securing the right actress for the job.

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With over 50 applicants from Germany, they hired theatre and film actress Lisa Sophie Kusz to take the lead, who brought an extra depth to the role once she got settled in.

We didn’t want to portray Jessika as a complete psychopath, but rather, someone completely normal and capable of expressing themselves.

Sarah Abouzari, Programmer, TriTrie Games. 

Watch the first featurette here:

But what’s it all about? Convinced of foul play, you’re hired to uncover the truth about Jesskia’s death – spoiler alert! To find out what happened, you have access to her laptop so have to sift through to find clues.

Jessika is out on the 25th August, but you can play the demo over on Steam now if you can’t wait.

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