Jennifer Wilde Unlikely Revolutionaries Is A Supernatural Point And Click Coming To Steam In 2021

Jennifer Wilde Unlikely Revolutionaries Is an upcoming Steam point and click featuring infamous detective(?) Oscar Wilde.

The sort of news I like to write about, Jennifer Wilde Unlikely Revolutionaries is an upcoming supernatural adventure that features the ghost of Oscar Wilde and is heading to Steam.

Following the death of her father, Jennifer attempts to tap into her childhood skill of communicating with the dead, hoping to bring back his spirit. Instead, she brings back Oscar.

The best thing about being a ghost, one would assume, is the ability to be invisible, but also to take control of other characters, which the infamous playwright can do. 

Jennifer Wilde Unlikely Revolutionaries - Anybody
Is anybody there? Source: Steam

Based on the award-winning graphic novel by Atomic Diner, players can expect to get tied up in a murder mystery that covers Paris, London and Dublin, uncovering one spy network at a time…

Key features for Jennifer Wilde Unlikely Revolutionaries, from Outsider Games, includes:

• Gorgeously hand-drawn in Black & White line art

• Direct control or classic point & click

• Visit Paris, London and Dublin in a tale of murder, revolution & friendship

• Unique comic book-style inventory

The comic book style reminds me of the animated Watchmen graphic novels a few years back, which is a good thing, and I’m keen to delve into Jennifer’s (and Oscar’s) world in due course.

Have a look at the sneak peek trailer below:

Yes, Jennifer Wilde Unlikely Revolutionaries is a point and click, yes it’s super stylish, and yes, you should add it to your wishlist. Due in 2021.