Surprise Prologue Bonus JDM: Rise of the Scorpion Coming To Steam

A surprise prologue bonus drop, get to play JDM: Rise of the Scorpion coming to Steam in the summer, if you catch my drift.

Content Warning might be the surprise drop everyone is talking about, but  JDM: Rise of the Scorpion is the one that I’ll be playing. It’s a prologue bonus to Steam this summer.

Taking inspiration from Initial D and Japanese folklore, you play the titular Scorpian (Hatori Hasashi—that’s a bit of a mash-up) as they compete, drift, and race on miles of diverse roads and winding mountain tracks of Haikama Lake.

Other than a manga-inspired storyline, a new car to test and upgrades to unlock, key features in JDM: Rise of the Scorpion include:

  • Previously unseen area of the JDM demo. The new winding roads provide the perfect environment to practice and hone your driving skills. 
  • The areas available in the game are not only landmarks but also the source of new adventures and challenges. With the introduction of locations such as the school building, Aoi’s house, and the Hasashi family estate, players will have the opportunity to get to know the characters from the prologue.
  • A dynamic weather system adds an unpredictable element to the racing experience. Sudden downpours, dense fog, or clear sunny days not only change the appearance of the game world but also affect the performance of the cars.
  • With the cycle of day and night, every ride will be unique in its own way. Riding under the cover of darkness, in the glare of local shop lights, or at sunrise will be a completely different experience and challenge.

The JDM: Rise of the Scorpion prologue bonus is available in the Summer – JDM: Japanese Drift Master will follow.