Sketchy Hidden Object Game, It’s Kooky

Hidden object game It's Kooky is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Time to find the silly ones!

Number three of the RedDeer Games’ November trilogy, this time, It’s Kooky. There’s really not much to be said about these games as they’re simple by design, but how about longevity? Are 13 stages enough? Let’s. Find. Out.

Already starved of words, 13 stages aren’t enough in terms of playability. It took a couple of hours or so to locate every single object, and once done, there aren’t any other features, only a reset button should you wish to start all over again.

Stages are themed, but they’re whacky so expect to see… silly things. When It’s Kooky begins, there’s a brief tutorial where you have to click on ‘the silly ones’. It’s a weird phrase, but the idea is to look out for unusual things, like a dog walking a man or monkeys eating ice cream. Is that silly? Themes include skiing, at the beach, and airports, and the goal is to find 5 – 30 hidden objects within the given time.

It's Kooky Switch Review - Inverted
Inverted. Source: PR

It’s Kooky Review Switch

It’s not a requirement to 100% everything, as 90% or so will unlock the next map, though the last few maps need everything found, and that’s the biggest challenge in the game. The timings are fine, but you might find yourself circling, repeatedly, frantically clicking everything in the hope of passing. Luckily, part of your repertoire includes zooming in and out, plus you can invert the black and white palette. There’s a hint system, but best save that until the end as they’re limited, and once you’ve revealed the clues, they disappear.

The artwork in It’s Kooky is sketchy. That’s intentionally meant to have a double meaning. Though a fan of black and white illustrations, these look more like doodles and are somewhat rushed. It can be hard to decipher some of the artwork – thus being unable to locate hidden objects. Said artwork looks like it was doodled on paper, photocopied, and then scanned onto a computer. There’s no consistency here, so don’t expect to be blown away, but it does the job. Mostly.

Playing in docked was the best option, not just because of the screen size, but because playing with others meant that it was easier to find items; plus, the family had a chuckle at some of the illustrations and poses. It’s by no means groundbreaking or a go-to party game or title to chill to, though it is engaging for the time you play. I just wish there were more levels or perhaps challenges, as it was over a little too quickly.

I’ve played a fair few hidden object games/spot the difference and It’s Kooky doesn’t pass as one of the best games, possibly because of the replayability and the artwork. But hey: art is subjective, as are reviews. Make of it what you will. It does its job, and another Switch indie suitable for the family or those wanting to relive the glory days that were Where’s Wally/Waldo.