Embrace The Chill And Icelandic Folklore In Island of Winds

Explore stunning scenery and discover the wonders of Icelandic folklore in the upcoming Island of Winds - in development for PC and consoles.

Recently announced but not posted here due to a certain WASD event, Islands of Winds is Parity Games’ debut title—an action-adventure exploring Icelandic Folklore that’s heading to PC and consoles.

Set in 17th-century Iceland, you play as the Balance Keeper, Brynhildur. When your homestead is attacked, and your mentor is abducted, you embark on a journey of discovery, extensive lore, intriguing puzzles, legendary creatures, and much more.

The developers have recently released an in-depth walkthrough that demos new gameplay and an introduction to Island of Winds’ characters and settings, which you can watch below:

I spoke with ESDigital Games at WASD, and they were one of the few to bear bad news: Islands of Winds won’t be out until 2025, but I have been assured that the game looks absolutely stunning, so it’ll be worth the wait.