Ironsmith Medieval Simulator Out Today On Steam

Out today on Steam, Ironsmith Medieval Simulator - a game about learning your craft, and making a ton of money in the process.

Here’s a sneaky simulator out today without much fanfare (I didn’t get any invites), Ironsmith Medieval Simulator – a craftsperson making stuff outta iron. What will they think of next?

Developed by The EpicLore and published by Ultimate Games – who aren’t strangers to the genre, you’ll focus on crafting sharp pointing things or heavy, bulky gear as dictated to by the punters.

In what is deemed a realistic simulator for the era, you’ll assemble all sorts of armoury and weaponry in Ironsmith Medieval Simulator, and there’ll even be some skill paths to follow to perfect your craft.

Key features include:

  •  Learn and unlock new skills, and choose skill paths.
  •  Trade to earn gold, stock up on resources.
  •  Craft tools, items, weapons, and armors. Everything can be modified or decorated.
  •  Take part in the life of a town based on classic RPGs in a sandbox environment.
  •  Assemble medieval weapons, armors, and tools
  •  Visuals taken with a grain of salt that are somewhat of a unique look at the Middle Ages

Here’s an Ironsmith Medieval Simulator trailer:

Out today on Steam. No, get back to work.