Iron Wings Gliding Towards The Switch

Iron Wings coming to the Nintendo Switch this month - add it to your wishlist, go on.

So take, these mighty wings… Iron Wings comes to the Switch this June, taking down the Nazi’s with finesse in this arcade aerial combat title.

First up, choose your pilot – either Jack or Amelia, hop into your plane for some fast-paced action over a series of missions, wiping out the many threats, ticking off the objective list in the process.

Primarily an arcade game, Iron Wings depends on your flying skills too, not just how good you are shooting. According to this here text, the planes have either mounted weapons or tools that differ for both pilots – who you can switch between them at any time.

Iron Wings - Stripes
Earn your stripes. Source: PR

I’m getting a little confused, but the idea’s there.

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The tools in Iron Wings include:

  • Chaffs
  • Magnetron (for radar countermeasures
  • Camera for reporting
  • Searchlight
  • Camouflage 

The game is from both NAPS Team and Raylight Games and reminds me of Rogue Aces in concept, which is a good thing. It looks totally different, however, so don’t have a go.

Here’s the current trailer:

Iron Wings flies onto the Nintendo eShop on the 25th of June.