Introducing Liverpool-Based Studio, Starlight Games

Say hello to Starlight Studios - a newly formed development studio made of gaming veterans applying their magic to the Unreal Engine 5.

Making assumptions, I’m a bit like you in that I’m not too fussed about industry news of mergers and new development teams and would rather focus on the games. That said, the new Liverpool-based studio Starlight Games is something worth sharing.

Made up of a crack team of developers who have worked on Skate, the Resident Evil franchise, one of the co-creators of WipEout, and former Psygnosis employees (forget the newer stuff; think Shadow of the Beast!), the studio is on the lookout for new talent, giving them hands-on experience in the industry.

Our vision is to foster a creative ecosystem where talent can flourish and dreams can be turned into reality…We want to provide the platform and resources for young talent to thrive and leave a lasting impact on the industry.

Gary Nichols, Founder of Starlight Games

To return to that interest in the games rather than the business model, Starlight Games has already announced its first title, House of Golf 2. Two other titles are in development: a futuristic sports title (please be a Speedball remaster) and a strategy sci-fi rogue-lite. Further info will be released as and when.

In the meantime, here’s a teaser: