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Kickstarter has been the launchpad for many decent indie titles that may not have got the funding elsewhere, so it’s no surprise that Into The Eternal has a campaign underway, seeking the attention it deserves.

If I don’t mention Zelda in this write-up, someone else will. It’s already showing up on YouTube comments and rightly so. From the choice of music to the character design, this looks inspired by the Zelda series, but certainly not a clone. Consider how great those games are; this could put Into The Eternal in the limelight for the right reasons.

In the game, you play a kingsguard named Cavin. He’s been enlisted by the High Priest Valadar as the kingdom of Felsand has been hit by a curse; the royals turning to stone. 

Into The Eternal - Filtered
Filtered. Source: PR

The people of Felsand believe in the Eternity lore and that The Eternal of the title is a ‘legendary palace that has been shut for millions of years – awaiting a warrior capable for solving the riddles to enter it and retrieve the powerful weapons within.

That’s where you come in. Zero Infinite say that the game is inspired by Zelda 2 but with puzzles that are more logical and has a fair difficulty. The game features RPG elements to upgrade your Cavin, as well as the nine Eternal Artifacts you need to collect.

Here’s the current trailer:

Into The Eternal is currently in the Kickstarter stage, but is aiming for an Early Access on Steam in January 2021, and will be coming to current-gen consoles as well as next-gen.

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