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Insurmountable Release Date Set In Stone, Now Climb It

These mountains are Insurmountable! Of course they are – that’s the game! Here’s news of the Insurmountable release date for Steam.

Insurmountable release date for Steam
Source: Steam

Rogue-likes dominate these days, but how about something a little different where the same rules apply, only the task at hand is climbing an Insurmountable mountain?

From ByteRockers’ Games, this adventure rogue-like puts players up against the elements as they have to ascend three consecutive mountains, each increasing in difficulty as you progress. These stages are Standard, Hard and Insurmountable. With a careless mistake, you will end your run and return to the first mountain.

Insurmountable - Not a metaphor
Not a metaphor. Source: Steam

Three mountains don’t sound much. My office is three flights of stairs, and that’s bad enough, but these are mountains. Besides the ‘dynamic and ever-changing weather, different terrain, and the day-night cycle’, they’re also procedurally generated, so you can’t learn the best route.

It’s all about strategy and survival instincts as you’ll combat a lack of oxygen (apparently required for breathing), freezing winds and disgruntled wildlife. It may be the closest thing experience to real-life? One mistake, and it’s all over.

Here’s the trailer for Insurmountable:

The Insurmountable release date for Steam is the 29th of April, followed bt the PS4 4/5 and Xbox One X/S at a later date. A Nintendo Switch version is being considered.

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