Insomnis Long Night Edition Out Now

No, Halloween has long gone, but the nightmare lives on in the new Insomnis Long Night Edition for PS4/5 and PC.

I don’t like horror games – especially first-person titles like Insomnis. Why write about it then? Idunno. It’s not that I detest them because they’re rubbish, but I’m an utter wuss and seeing the trailer for this had me re-inspect my cojones.

From Path Games, it’s familiar territory like other scary types such as Yuoni and Silver Chains. Set in a mysterious mansion full of haunty stuff, you have to solve puzzles and riddles, all the while keeping your BPM at a satisfactory level.

Today’s announcement is Insomnis Long Night Edition which includes the soundtrack and four avatars. Here’s are the specifics of the features:

  • Experience the eerie atmosphere of the Castevet Mansion, a place where dark secrets are hidden for those that are brave enough to uncover them.
  • Every choice matters. Insomnis features a bunch of different endings so players will have to carefully choose how to move on in their game.
  • Solve puzzles and riddles to beat the main story in a game that doesn’t feature any combat mechanics.

Have a look and be scared too, or raise an eyebrow and sneer at my cowardliness.

Insomnis Long Night Edition is out now for the PS4/5, plus the PC.