Inertial Drift Coming To Consoles And PC

A twin-stick drifter!

Few driving games get it right when it comes to drifting, so what does Inertial Drift offer to the driving table?

Twin-stick driving.

Using the left stick to steer, the right stick provides full control over a drift; no more finding the bite then pinpointing the right entry into a corner – you can do it on the fly!

This little piece of ingenuity means that drivers in Inertial Drift, from Level 91 Entertainment and publishers PQube, can maintain their position on a track while still drifting at a distance that would make DK proud.

No, not Donkey Kong.

Inertial Drift - Neon
Everything’s so blurry – Puddle of Mudd. Source: PR

Possibly a little nod to Initial-D, Inertial Drift is set to the pink Japanese sunsets and vibrant neo-cities that we’ve come to expect of the location – the game offering 20 tracks to choose from.

As this is a drifting competition, expect to see a variety of leaderboards to plaster your name about, either online or offline.

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But here’s the further twist:

The cars in Inertial Drift are electric.

Not only is this great for the environment people (take that, Greta), but there are over 16 different driving styles for each car.

Surely you want to see more by now? Check out the trailer:

Inertial Drift is coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Steam both digitally and physically on the 7th of August.