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Source: Steam

I’m not the biggest fan of rogue-likes, nor do I partake in this ongoing revival of pixel art visuals, but In Celebration of Violence has got my attention. 

Heading to both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this month, from Julian Edison and publisher Dolores Entertainment wants to ensure you know about this fantasy game of ‘exploration and murder’. Not the kind of thing that should be encouraged, but it’s not real. Is it?

Inspiration for this indie title stems from the likes of The Binding of Isaac and Dark Soulsamong others. The similarities are evident; methodical attack, blocks and dodges – only you can have up to four players in the game, in case it gets too much. 

In Celebration of Violence - What was the first
What was the first? Source: Steam

Not something I like to read, but the story is mostly absent, however, if the gameplay matches the above-mentioned influences, then it’s ok for us to skip past that bit. 

In Celebration of Violence, like most titles of the genre, features unlockable characters, items and bonuses as you progress through the game, so chock full of extras for the die-hards.

Check out the animated sequence of gameplay:

In Celebration of Violence is on PS4 on the 24th of November – the Switch version comes out on the 26th of November. Alternatively, grab the Steam version which is out today!

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